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Multiple Versions

SCSS/LESS + Gulp/Grunt build system + Dev & Seed Projects

Hey Lukasz, Thank you very much, I just opened the zip and it's awesome, well done!

Islam Abou El Ata

Datacenter Solution Specialist, N+ONE Datacenters

I'm going to use GenesisUI as the webconsole for my new project: an open source access control system based on Raspberry Pi (as backend server) and different Arduino modules as access devices (for RFID, OTP tokens...). I chose GenesisUI because of it offers a lot of great features and it can speed up the development phase of my future projects because of I can concentrate on developing the "hardware" part instead of developing dedicated web interfaces.

Luca Dentella

Windows ITS Architect, ING Direct

I am still exploring the GenesisUI dashboard kit... it looks great! ... We are at a University developing open and free platforms for citizen science and are exploring use of the UI kit ... I am really impressed so far.

Greg Newman

Colorado State University, Director CitSci.org | Research Scientist

I was looking for good implementations of graphing libraries within Bootstrap. I think the Genesis UI is very clean and customisable.

Terry Gillespie

Product Designer, Vita Enterprise Solutions

You have an awesome Dashboard and it killed me when I laid my eyes on it. Its simply WOW! I am going to test. I already made a decision that I will buy this in next 30 days and will recommend to my friends and colleagues. Hope there will be a discount in future ;) But, Every penny I will spend on this theme is worth it.

Dom Nick

I was finding the best template to create my first angular web app and i found this template is the best I like all details that you implemented on it. Is amazing congratulations for your design and creativity.

Walter Emmanuel Pineda Velasquez

Root admin theme is awesome!

Rohit Roy

Android Developer, Koove

Definitely Lukasz, I love the clean Job you have done. I will definitely use GenesisUI in one of my projects soon.

Omotayo Tosin

Experienced web developer

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