Q: Which type of license is the best for me?

A: Standard license can be used for end products that do not charge users for access or service(access is free and there will be no monthly subscription fee). Extended license can be used for end products(web service or SAAS) that charges users for access or service(e.g: monthly subscription fee).

More informations about our licenses you can find here

Q: What is the difference between your bootstrap admin templates?

A: Our admin templates have the same source code, components and third party plugins, that's why offer the same features. Each template has unique and modern design.

Q: Does Angular version use CLI?

A: Yes. Angular version uses CLI.

Q: How much can affiliates earn?

A: Affiliates receive 25% commission.

Q: Future updated are free?

A: Yes. You will have free access to future updates.

Q: Does your bootstrap admin templates support RTL direction?

A: Yes. Our templates support RTL direction.