We have collected some great Bootstrap templates for you to use freely in your next project.

Smart Responsive Bootstrap Template

Everything around us seems to be smart. So better be sure the same is with your Twitter Bootstrap. Our Smart Responsive Template is an incredible responsive solution with a fresh & clean design and awesome features.

Among them panorama sliders, 400+ Glyphicons (http://glyphicons.com/ – so you save $59), 50+ social icons, fancybox, isotope, google maps, facebook open graph and many, many more!

Smart means: keep it simple, keep it clean but stay professional. That’s why our Bootstrap Theme is an excellent choice both for business and portfolio. It’s been created with usage of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 solutions. And las but not least, Smart, like all our templates offer responsive design, so it can easily work on any computer device like desktop, tablet, smartphone etc.

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Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme

Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme is the best solution in power to performance category. It’s fully featured with advanced, clean and professional layout perfect for any business or portfolio.

This Responsive Theme has been created with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. And to add a little bit spicy, let’s just mention that Magnus still offer Responsive Design that work perfect on every device. So seat, take a look at your big flat tv or just take a tablet or a smartphone and enjoy.

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Gravis Responsive Bootstrap Theme

First thing which come to the mind when looking at Gravis Responsive Bootstrap Theme is a modern smooth design target to industrial implementations. Our engineers wanted to keep it clean and professional, to offer the most suitable template. Have they succeed?

To help you with the answer, let’s mention that Gravis Twitter Theme is based in HTML5 and CSS3 elements. So let’s add to this mixture a responsive design, which fits design to the device where it’s been used. So there’s no surprise that Gravis’ modern and industrial style makes that your website will stand out.

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Red Box Responsive Bootstrap Theme

Let your business look special with Red Box Responsive Bootstrap Theme. This unique Twitter Theme includes several features which combined together produce added value.

It’s an advanced, clean and professional template suitable for any business or portfolio. And to make it even smoother we’ve based our Red Box template on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. And last but not least, what would it be without a responsive design? Yes, you’re right – it’s a must be.

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Target Flat Bootstrap Template

TARGET is a (w)hole in one Bootstrap Theme. What does it mean? More than less, that this Flat Bootstrap Template offers ultimate clear and lightweight design. It’s been based on Bootstrap 2.3.2 from Twitter.

Our premium Responsive Theme is built with LESS, but if you don’t feel like using it, you can choose from well commented normal and minified CSS.

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ONE Flat Bootstrap Theme

Be the One in the internet. With the One Responsive Flat Bootstrap Theme you can easily transform your website into unique business tool. It’s a fully featured premium Bootstrap Theme written with LESS, but delivered also with CSS.

It incorporates ultra-responsive, retina ready clear design made in accordance to Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.1. So no matter where you use it, it stays perfect in every detail.

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Undecimo Responsive Bootstrap Template

Undecimo Twitter Bootstrap Template incorporates unique features mixed with modern and light design. It’s been based on 2.3.1 Twitter Bootstrap, so you can be sure the quality of it.

What else derogates it? Ultra responsive, retina ready design with premium features are just the beginning. If you want to look a little bit closer, take a live demo or buy it. More than 13000 customers cannot be wrong.

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Essentia Free Bootstrap Template

Essentia Free Bootstrap Template is a fully featured, free Bootstrap Theme. Essentia based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 and works on all major browsers and optimizes itself for tablets and mobile phones.

Essentia Responsive Bootstrap Theme is an ultra responsive, Twitter Bootstrap Theme that everybody wants. It’s an incredible theme that helps you transform your website into your unique business tool.

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Clear Free Bootstrap Template

The name obliges, that’s why Clear Twitter Bootstrap Theme incorporates all premium features served as the clear & modern layout. It uses Bootstrap 2.3.1 from Twitter.

Extremely responsive, retina-ready Twitter bootstrap Theme is a powerful tool which can instantly change your website into completely new experience. LayerSlider and Extra Pages are its key to the perfect customization. So open your mind or rather Clear your view with our Twitter Bootstrap.

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