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ACME+Genius+SimpliQ among 20 Best Handpicked Bootstrap Themes Reviews?

Happy New Year with BootstrapMaster and…

Some things change, like eg 2013 changed into 2014 and some remain the same. The same story goes with BootstrapMaster who will change the world of bootstrap in the following weeks… So please watch this space, cause more good news will be posted here soon.

But as for now, we’re happy that many things remain the same, like the popularity of our templates. You might remember one of the latest summary of the best Bootstrap Templates made by Lokendra Badu:  Among them you can find three of our designs, so after ACME, reviewed in our latest blog, let’s see the review of Genius Bootstrap Admin Template… As the name indicates, this  template is a Genius and its cost is 20$. So, before buying such a  template, one should know the features and performance of the theme  thoroughly. Bootstrap version 3.0.0 is the platform for this theme. This  is the best theme under Bootstrap3 themes. It is an excellent  admin template with very high resolution and with great quality. Many  pages like Invoice, Inbox, Profile, Register etc. are available and they  are working on to give more features and more pages in further  releases. The compatibility with many of the browsers makes this theme  more advisable. A user can share the information of this theme through  facebook or twitter with this friends and recommend it. Before sharing  the user should first use it, feel the comfort and then suggest to  his/her friends to make their lives easy. On the theme, there is a drop down which filters the data to be  displayed. If everything is selected, all the information is displayed.  If comments are selected, only comments are displayed. If users are  selected, only users are displayed. If messages are selected, only  messages are displayed.  On the Genius dashboard, statistic details  about the Clients, deals, income etc are displayed along with the  comments on the right hand side. The period for which these statistics are gathered is also shown on the page. One can also check the traffic in 24 hours or a week or a month by selecting the corresponding traffic  filter. A user can register and login to his account and if any personal messages are there, the user can check under messages section. The  dashboard also gathers information about how long the website is visited and tracked under average visit duration. A to do list as when an expected task has to be completed is provided at the end of the page. If any problems or issues are faced, they are also tracked under Recent  section where the problem description, date on which the problem is faced, names of the users who faced the problem and whether the problem  is rectified or not is recorded.

You must admit that this is a good review, which makes us optimistic for 2014. But optimism is just one part of the story, so we can promise that we’re working hard to introduce more state of the art Bootstrap Templates. That’s why we’ve got something huge one the way, designed just for you, by you ;)

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