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ACME+Genius+SimpliQ among 20 Best Handpicked Bootstrap Themes Reviews?

There’s a guy who’s keen on design, some say – he’s even obsessed with good design… If you take a look at his , there’s no wonder, that he couples theory with reality. One of the latest example is his article 20 Best Handpicked Bootstrap Themes Reviews: .

BootstrapMaster is proud to be among the featured bootstraps, being the only design company, with the 3 templates in Top 20… The first one is ACME, with excellent review.

A  best responsive admin template available at number 42 under bootstrap  themes is ACME. All features which are desirable are present with this  template.  Several page layouts as an example are directly available. If  you want to have a dashboard layout, you can get it. Similarly if a  user wants Inbox layout, Task manager layout or Server statistics  layout, all the layouts are readily available which reduces lot of time  to the developer. Base is Bootstrap 3 version. Can use this  template on any web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or  Firefox etc. A user can have this template in hand also by having it on  his/her mobile phone or tablet whatever. It is very friendly template  that it goes along with many electronic devices. As the icons for  resolution provided are over 500, the look and feel of the template is  awesome and the fonts used on the template are also very effectively  displayed. The features which can be mainly discussed are the 3D  buttons, retina display, charts that are integrated with Facebook users  etc. The best pricing is offered by the website to buy this template for 15 dollars.

When clicked on the theme, statistics of number of visits, number of  page views, number of visitors and number of new visitor information is  shown graphically. These statistics are gathered for a month. Compared  to the previous month if any of the statistic has gone down, it is also  shown symbolically with a negative symbol and a downward triangle  symbol. All these statistics are shown under dashboard page of the  template. There are other pages on the template which are UI features to  modify the user interface if required, pages for example, Forms,  various types of  charts, Typography, tables etc. These pages on the  left hand side o f the template makes the navigation much comfortable  for any user.

Doesn’t it sound b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ?  Watch this space, cause more good news to come soon.

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